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A range of uses of graphite an overview

Carbon Graphite Products

As industry develops, graphite plays an important role and new uses for graphite continue to emerge. Let’s take a closer look at some of the applications of graphite.

Uses of graphite in industry

Semiconductor industry

The graphite material used in semiconductors is of high purity, fine particles and high temperature resistance. Such as the generation of single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon.

Aerospace and military industry

Compared with other materials, graphite is corrosion-resistant and lightweight, and can be used as rocket nozzles and aircraft brake pads.

Graphite electrodes for arc furnaces

As an electrical conductor, graphite electrode has a low resistivity and does not participate in the chemical reaction in the arc furnace. When powered on, it generates a large amount of heat for smelting steel.

Aluminum electrolysis

As a conductive self-baking anode for electrolytic cells, it is used for aluminum smelting. It is divided into prebaked anodes and carbon paste electrodes.

Non-ferrous metal casting

Graphite molds have good machining properties and are used for cast iron, copper and alloys.

Mechanical industry

Used as bearings, pistons, and sealing materials, it has good wear resistance and sealing properties.

Nuclear reactors

As a deceleration material and reflective material, the high purity and density of graphite are suitable for nuclear reactions.

EDM processing

Graphite is used as an electrode material for electrospark machining, which is cheaper and has less loss than other materials.

Electrical engineering

The resistance of graphite is much lower than that of metals and is used as a resistor.


Natural flake graphite or artificial graphite powder has very good lubrication properties and is widely used as a lubricant.

Refractory materials

Graphite has high thermal stability, so it is used in high-temperature environments such as blast furnaces and pipelines.

Rare earth smelting

Mainly graphite anodes, graphite crucibles and conductive electrodes used for smelting.

Brush electrician

Graphite used in motors and generators as conductors to receive current.

Photovoltaic and LED

Graphite is widely used in the photovoltaic industry of solar power generation. For example, graphite crucibles are used in the production of polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon.

Spectral analysis

Graphite products used for measurement and measurement have high analytical sensitivity and are also good conductors of electricity and heat.



Graphite is used as a material for lithium batteries to store electricity. It has a small volume and high energy.

Chemical industry

Graphite exchangers are corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation. They are used in various chemical equipment and devices.


The research and use of graphite materials in artificial internal organs, artificial joints, tooth roots and blood vessels.


Pencil leads, inks, copier toners, etc., take advantage of the high flexural strength of graphite.



Due to the continuous emergence of new technologies and new materials, the uses of graphite are increasing. Not only in industry, but also widely used in daily life.