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HP 350 Graphite Electrode

hp 350 graphite electrode

HP 350 Graphite Electrode

Graphite electrodes are used in electric furnace steelmaking and ore-thermal electric furnaces to smelt alloy steel, brown corundum and other alloys and non-metals. During the EAF steelmaking process, current is introduced through the graphite electrode to generate an arc in the smelting area, and smelting begins when the temperature reaches about 2000 degrees Celsius.

Your Graphite Electrode Supplier

HP 350 graphite electrode has a compact structure, low resistivity, and strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion. It also has good electrical and thermal conductivity and can withstand large current loads.

It can be used in industrial electric arc furnace, steel mill and foundry for casting and smelting.


HP 350 graphite electrode specification

Type and size
Dia tolerance Length tolerance
Electrode spec HP350x1800 350 (352-258) 1800 (+/-0)
Nipple spec Type HC
203T4L, 203T4N
Technical specification
Electrode Nipple
RESISTIVITY μΩΜ, max 7.5 5.5
BULK DENSITY g/cm3, min 1.65 1.7
CTE 10-6/℃, max 1,5 (20-520 C)
0,7 (20-100 C)

Graphite Electrode Manufacturing Process

The graphite electrode manufacturing process mainly includes the steps of raw material preparation, mixing, molding, roasting, impregnation and graphitization. details as follows:

Raw material preparation: Select petroleum coke, needle coke, asphalt and other binders and mix them according to a certain proportion.

Molding: The mixed material is extruded to form a cylindrical electrode blank.

Roasting: The blank is roasted at high temperature to fully carbonize it.

Impregnation: The roasted blank is placed in an impregnation tank for full impregnation treatment to improve the conductivity of the electrode.

Graphitization: Through high-temperature treatment with electricity, the carbon atoms are rearranged and the graphitization process is completed.


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JINSUN provides manufacturing of graphite electrodes of different specifications. Over nearly 20 years in business, we have established consistency in the production of graphite electrodes. We specialize in RP, HP and UHP graphite electrode manufacturing.

Our graphite electrodes include RP graphite electrode, HP graphite electrode and UHP graphite electrode. All our products comply with the strictest quality requirements, including ISO and NEMA standards. Our valued customers rely on our stringent quality assurance standards.

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