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Graphite products

Graphite product -Jinsun Carbon

Graphite products

Graphite materials, after mechanical processing, can be directly used as end products with accurate dimensions, smoothness and tolerances, we call them graphite products. For example, if isostatically pressed materials are used to process heaters, insulation barrels, graphite electrodes, etc. for single crystal silicon furnaces, they can be called graphite products or graphite parts.

In the field of industrial production, we usually classify graphite products according to their functions and uses.

1) Graphite products for semiconductors, electronics, electrical engineering, and communications.

The semiconductor industry is an emerging science and technology, and the semiconductor industry mainly uses high-purity graphite materials to manufacture single crystal furnace heating systems, electronic device sintering molds, thyristor sintering molds, etc.

Telecommunications engineering includes carbon sheets for optical fibers, telephone transmitters, and lightning arresters.

2) Aerospace and military industry Carbon graphite materials have many excellent properties such as high temperature resistance (under oxygen-free conditions).

High mechanical strength at high temperatures, light weight, and good absorption of certain waves, so they are widely used in aerospace and military fields. They are widely used in motors of rockets, space shuttles, and submarines, such as lithium-ion batteries, brushes, contacts, etc.

Electrolysis Aerospace industry

3) Graphite electrodes for steelmaking furnaces and other smelting furnaces.

Graphite electrodes for electric heating are refractory conductors and do not participate in the reaction in the furnace. For example, graphite electrodes for steelmaking mainly require low resistivity and low strength and ash content.

Because the impurities infiltrated by the consumable electrode may be decomposed by the furnace heat or removed with the slag. Graphite electrodes are used for smelting steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys, and the production of ferroalloys.

4) Graphite products for chemical industry divided into two categories according to different use requirements:

One is to use graphite materials with good corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity to make various chemical equipment and devices. Such as various heat exchangers, centrifugal pumps, etc.

The second is to use graphite materials with good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance to manufacture electrodes for electrolysis. Such as graphite electrodes for chlor-alkali industrial diaphragm tanks, electrodes for drinking water purification and sewage treatment.

eaf electrodes

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