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Carbon Raiser

carbon raiser

Carbon Raiser

Carbon raiser is a type of carbon-containing substance that is used to make up for the carbon content lost during the steel smelting process. During the smelting process of steel products, due to the long smelting time and heat preservation time, the carbon content in the molten iron may be lost significantly, resulting in a reduction in the carbon content in the molten iron and failing to meet the expected value for eaf steelmaking. To compensate for this loss in carbon content, carbon raiser are added.

Carbon raiser uses

1. Compensate the carbon content lost during the steel smelting process and increase the carbon content in the molten iron.

2. Improve the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, hardness, wear resistance and fatigue limit of castings.

3. Improve the distribution of carbon and alloy elements in cast metal, making the structure in the casting dense and uniform in composition.

4. Reduce the amount of slag generated, simplify slag removal operations, and improve casting efficiency.

5. Improve the fluidity of molten metal and stabilize the composition of molten iron.


  •  Petroleum coke carbon raiser

It is processed by calcining and purifying petroleum coke and has a round or polygonal appearance. It is an ideal carbon-added material and reaction intermediate in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, electric power and other industries, and is widely used.

  • Metallurgical coke

They can usually be used in cupola furnaces. In addition to smelting, its role is also studied as carbon is used as different metal charges.

  •  Calcined coal

Its general composition is c90-93%, s0.3-0.5%. Mainly used by steelmaking enterprises.

  • Graphitized carbon raiser

The main materials are graphitized petroleum coke and graphite electrodes. And the general composition is carbon content 98-99.5%; sulfur 0.05-0.03%. It is characterized by fast absorption, high carbon content and low sulfur content. It is mainly used in ductile iron.

  •  Natural graphitized

Mainly natural graphite, with a carbon content of 65%-99%. It is mainly used in steel mills, not foundries.