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Graphite Block

Graphite Block manufacturer

Graphite Block

Graphite block have high density and high conductivity, can be used for metallurgical casting and chemical industry. Such as metallurgical furnaces, silicon carbide furnaces, graphitization furnaces, chemical heat exchangers, etc. With high mechanical precision, it can be made into different shapes such as circles, rectangles, and trapezoids. The largest size that we can produce is: the maximum length of 2500mm,the maximum width of 600mm,and the maximum height of 600mm.

Manufacturing Processes Types:

Three standard methods are used for production: molded, extruded, and isostatic pressing. Each process ensures the creation of high-density and uniform structures.

 1. Molded: Compression molding is  a transparent paste or pressed powder is placed into a mold of the desired   shape and size. Under pressure, the particles interweave, resulting in a compact and durable block of graphite.

 2. Extruded: The raw material undergoes pressure through the extrusion method as it passes through a   die of a specific shape. Then compaction and plastic deformation produce with precise sizes and shapes.

3. Isostatic Pressing: We use isostatic pressing to create high-density, uniform structures. This unique   manufacturing process involves subjecting the material to high temperatures and pressure. The result is the   products with exceptional quality and durability. The manufacturing process cycle is generally longer, more   than two months.

What are the uses of graphite block?

Used in Electrolysis: They are indispensable as conductive electrodes in industries such as electrolytic metal, magnesium, nickel, and more.It has corrosion resistance, can resist the erosion of chemical media such as acids and alkalis, and maintains stable performance.

Metallurgical and Resistance Furnaces: They used in metallurgical furnaces, resistance furnaces, and other applications where high-temperature resistance and conductivity are essential.

Chemical Industry: They excel as furnace materials for corrosion-resistant heat exchange equipment and high-temperature furnaces. Large graphite block heat exchanger can meet the strict requirements of the chemical industry. Because they have higher specific resistance.

Foundry industry: It can be made into graphite mold for casting and smelting. The ultra-high density and compact structure are very suitable for smelting gold, silver and other precious metals.

Aerospace industry: They are resistant to high temperatures, light in weight, and high in strength, and are widely used in the aerospace and military industries.

Foundry industry   Chemical Industry   Aerospace industry

Foundry industry                                                         Chemistry industry                                              Aerospace industry


Technical specifications

ITEM Unit Particle Size
Granularity mm 0.8mm 2mm 4mm
Resistance μΩm ≤7.5 ≤8 ≤8.5
Bulk Density g/cm³ ≥1.75 ≥1.72 ≥1.65
Compressive Strength MPa ≥36 ≥35 ≥34
Flexural Strength MPa ≥15 ≥14.5 ≥14
Ash % ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3
Elastic Modulus Gpa ≤8 ≤7 ≤6
CTE 10^-6/℃ ≤3 ≤2.5 ≤2
Porosity % ≥18 ≥20 ≥22


JINSUN: Your Graphite Blocks Supplier

Before leaving our factory, each graphite block undergoes thorough quality checks. We ensure that specific resistance and compressive strength meet the highest standards. Also we can meet your customization needs by providing drawings.