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150mm rp graphite electrode for arc furnace

150mm rp graphite electrode for arc furnace

150mm rp graphite electrode for arc furnace

The graphite electrode introduces current into the electric arc furnace. The strong current at the lower end of the electrode can generate arc discharge between the charge materials, and the heat generated by the arc is used for smelting. Graphite electrodes are continuously replaceable and connected via nipples.

The starting materials for the production of graphite electrodes are petroleum coke, coal tar pitch and other carbonaceous materials.

The main basic element of graphite electrodes is carbon.  Products of a cylindrical shape of dark gray or black color made of artificial graphite with a specific electrical resistance value of not more than 5.5 μΩ*m.

Graphite electrodes with a nipple brand JINSUN- RP -150mm are used in the production process to create an electric arc for smelting steel and alloys in electric arc furnace (eaf).

The graphite electrode serves as a source for introducing an electric arc into the furnace space for melting the charge metal charge and heating liquid steel to a temperature of no more than 1750 °C.


In terms of appearance and surface parameters, the electrodes must meet the following requirements:

When shipped, the electrodes are formed into transport packages, the packaging is developed by the manufacturer of the products and must ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation.

The electrodes must be supplied complete with nipples (one nipple per electrode). During storage, the electrodes must be in conditions that exclude moisture and loose materials from getting on it. Do not store electrodes without packaging.


Type and size
Dia tolerance Length tolerance
Electrode spec RP150x1800 150 (150-155) 1800 (0/+100)
Nipple spec TPI3
Technical specification
Electrode Nipple
BENDING STRENGTH Mpa, min 11 14.2
BULK DENSITY g/cm3, min 1.58 1.72
CTE 10-6/℃, max 2.5 2.3
ASH % 0.4 0.3

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