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Graphite Powder Supplier

graphite powder supplier

Graphite Powder Supplier

Graphite powder raw materials are usually cut from scrap graphite electrodes. Because of the graphitization process, it has high carbon content, low sulfur content and low ash content. Graphite powder carburizer is mainly used in eaf steelmaking production. It is melted as an additive and then added to the molten steel. Improve the physical properties of steel and reduce production costs.

Graphite Powder Chemical Properties

  • C %99.5 min
  • S 0.03 max
  • Ash 0.30 max
  • Moisture 0.20 max
  • N 180 PPM max
  • N 180 PPM max
  • H 120 PPM max
  • O 720 PPM max
  • Bulk density 713 gr/dm3


Graphite powder is used as carburizer in rail grades and some specific grades. It is widely used in electric arc furnace steelmaking, foundry industry and non-ferrous metal industry.


Material shall be packed in 20 kg paper bags and shall be delivered on wooden palettes.