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Graphite Crucible

Graphite crucible manufacturer and supplies
Graphite crucibles are made of high-purity graphite raw materials, with an ash content of no more than 0.1%. They are mainly used in vacuum furnaces and high-frequency furnaces, or in melting furnaces. Graphite crucibles are used for melting ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, semiconductors, precious metals, and other metals.  It has good high temperature resistance and can be used in a furnace with a protective atmosphere or a vacuum at a temperature of about 2500 ℃.

Manufacturing Process of a Graphite Crucible:

The production of graphite crucibles involves petroleum coke, pitch coke, and coal tar pitch, which function as binders. We mix these components and subject them to milling, pressing, and graphitization to create a blank. Subsequent mechanical processing shapes the product into a crucible. Artificial Graphite, which doesn’t melt at high temperatures, possesses robust thermal shock resistance. Furthermore, it doesn’t contaminate molten metal and slag or adhere to them, making it the optimal choice for a crucible and boat used in metal melting.

Characteristics of Graphite Crucibles:

Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and resistance to high temperature. When subjected to high temperature range, they display a small thermal expansion coefficient and have the specific strain capacity for swift heating and cooling. Graphite crucible melting point is between 1800 – 3697 °C. These crucibles also possess strong resistance to both acid and alkali solutions, exhibiting remarkable chemical stability. Available in various models and specifications, manufacturers can select the ones that best fit their needs. Crucially, graphite crucibles don’t react or infiltrate molten metal, ensuring the purity of the molten material.


Given their outstanding attributes, Graphite Crucibles find extensive use in sectors like metallurgy, casting, machinery, and the chemical industry. They are often employed in smelting alloy tool steel and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, delivering substantial economic benefits. Based on distinct usage requirements, manufacturers can shape graphite crucibles into four types: conical, cylindrical, irregular, and shaped, tailoring to diverse needs.

Graphite crucible for melting metals Graphite crucible for lithium battery


Graphite Crucible Use Case

Graphite crucible size, diameter is 700mm, height 1000mm,10mm in bottom thickness, and 5mm in wall thickness. Smelting metallic iron.

Material requirements, density 1.70g/cm3, high temperature resistance 1800 ℃, flexural strength greater than 22.0MPa, ash content less than 0.1%.

And ensure there are no cracks, do a water immersion test to confirm there is no leakage .

During the actual production process, the product was used in good condition.

The process of using graphite crucibles.

  • Graphite crucible can not be damp; please avoid it from being soaked in water; put it in a dry place.
  • The size of the graphite crucible should match the furnace body, and the distance between the crucible and the melting wall should be more than 40mm.
  • If the graphite crucible is used 24 hours a day, its service life will be longer. Please clear the solution when the furnace is shut down to prevent the solution from solidifying. If it solidifies, it will expand when reheated, affecting its life.
  • When workers finish their work, the graphite crucible will appear red. At this time, workers need to clean up the metal materials attached to the inner wall. The heat transfer of these materials will increase the time of dissolution, resulting in thermal expansion and bursting.


Tailor-made sizes and capacities

Whether you need smaller crucibles for complex jewelry casting or larger crucibles for industrial-scale operations, our customer service allows you to specify the size and capacity required. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide graphite crucibles in the size and volume you need.

Specialty Coatings and Surface Treatments

We offer a range of specialty coatings and surface treatments to enhance graphite crucibles’ performance and service life. From protective coatings that resist chemical reactions to coatings that prevent metal adhesion, we can tailor the surface properties of our crucibles to meet your specific application. Our layers are carefully selected to ensure compatibility with the high-temperature environment and the processed material.

Additions and Modifications

Sometimes a standard crucible may only meet some of your needs. Whether adding handles for easy access, custom pour spouts for precise pouring, or special modifications to accommodate unique settings, our custom service can incorporate the specific features you need. Our skilled technicians will work with you to design and manufacture a graphite crucible that meets your operating requirements.

material selection

Graphite crucibles can be manufactured using different graphite grades, each with its characteristics. Depending on your application, we can help you select the suitable graphite material to meet your requirements. Whether it’s high-purity graphite for sensitive laboratory applications or durable graphite blends for demanding industrial processes, we have the expertise to guide you in selecting the best material.

Quality assurance

As graphite crucibles suppliers, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products. Our custom services follow the same stringent quality control measures as our standard graphite crucibles. We ensure custom-designed crucibles meet the same industry standards for excellent thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength.

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