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Graphite Tube

Graphite Pipe

Graphite Tube

Graphite Tube is another name for Graphite pipes and is made with a mixture of graphite powder, lubricants, and resin. It is highly durable and has a thickness of at least 5 mm. It is classified into two types; one is resin graphite tube, and another one is machined graphite tube. The first is obtained by molding the graphite and isostatic graphite, while the other is produced when graphite powder and resin powder are graphitized at high temperatures. It can have a length of 6 to 7 meters or as per the customers’ requirements. These graphite pipes are used for the exchange of heat.

Manufacturing and Production of Graphite Tubes

Our graphite tubes are known for their excellent thermal conductivity, exceptional mechanical strength, and resistance to chemical reactions and thermal shock. Their main component is carbon, using high purity petroleum coke and pitch coke as the primary raw materials made by roasting and graphitizing. In most cases, it will be cured by multiple immersions. The mechanical strength of the products produced in this way is significantly improved.

Key Features:

High-temperature resistance: Under normal atmospheric pressure, it does not melt and can withstand high temperatures of 2800 ℃.

Mechanical strength: Strong compressive strength, tensile strength, impact strength performance, obvious anisotropy.

Chemical Resistance: It is highly resistant to most chemicals and corrosive substances and can transfer corrosive liquids or gases.

Thermal Shock Resistance: It can withstand rapid temperature changes without significant degradation or dimensional changes.

Product customization:

Recognizing that each industry has unique requirements, we offer a custom service to deliver graphite tubing to your specifications. Whether changing dimensions, finishing, or additional machining, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing a solution that meets your specific specifications.


Graphite tubes are used in various industries, including chemical processing, metallurgy, heat treatment, and electronics. They are ideal for processes requiring high thermal conductivity, resistance to extreme temperatures, and exceptional durability. For example, in heat exchangers because they have high thermal conductivity.

Why choose us?

JINSUN is committed to meeting all your product needs and experiencing the difference that quality makes. Every production link is strictly controlled to ensure the performance and quality of the product. As a graphite tube manufacturer, we can customize them to meet your requirements.

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