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Exploring Graphite Electrode Price Trend in 2023

Graphite electrode


What factors will affect the graphite electrode price? As the global economy evolves, business owners and investors must watch the commodities market. One commodity that has been gaining much attention lately is graphite electrodes used in steel manufacturing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the current price trend for graphite electrodes in 2023 and discuss what factors could affect prices in the future.

What Factors Influence Graphite Electrode Price?

The price of graphite electrodes depends on various factors, including supply and demand dynamics and raw material costs. The cost of raw materials such as needle coke, coal tar pitch, and petroleum coke can all impact the price of graphite electrodes. Additionally, these materials’ availability can significantly affect prices due to supply and demand dynamics. For example, if there is a shortage of needle coke, then graphite electrode prices will rise due to increased competition for available supplies.

Graphite electrode price -The latest price of graphite electrode-Jinsun Carbon

The graphite electrode price is affected by the demand for steel products.

The current market conditions also play a role in determining graphite electrode prices. Steel demand is increasing worldwide due to construction projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, etc. Graphite electrode manufacturers must keep up with this demand by producing enough supply to meet customer demand. Due to this increased demand for steel products made from graphite electrodes. Then the manufacturers may need to raise their prices to cover their costs.

The latest price of graphite electrodes in June

The FOB mainstream quotation of ultra-high power (UHP) 450mm graphite electrode with 30% needle coke content reaches 3408USD per ton.   The mainstream quotation of UHP600mm is 3998USD per ton, and UHP700mm is 4297USD per ton. The quote for high-power graphite electrode HP400mm is 2889USD per ton, HP500 – The price of 600mmFOB is 3160USD per ton. The cost of regularly power RP graphite electrodes is between 2223USD-2667USD.


Overall, predicting future graphite electrode prices is difficult because there are so many variables that can influence them. However, by understanding how different factors such as supply and demand dynamics or geopolitical events affect pricing trends. In turn, you can be better prepared when investing or purchasing decisions related to these products. With careful analysis and tracking of current market conditions, you should be able to make informed decisions about your investments going forward into 2023 and beyond.