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What are electric arc furnace graphite electrodes?

Graphite electrode

Electric arc furnace graphite electrode is used in steelmaking. Furnaces that use electric energy as a heat source for steel production are collectively referred to as electric furnaces. The graphite electrode is cylindrical, a conductor with threaded nipple holes at both ends.

Electric arc furnace graphite electrodes for steelmaking.

At present, electric arc furnace smelting is more than 95% of the world’s electric furnace steelmaking methods. Therefore, commonly known as electric furnace steelmaking, we mainly refer to EAF steelmaking.

According to the current characteristics, there are two types of AC electric arc furnaces and DC electric arc furnaces.

Electric arc furnace graphite electrodes for steelmaking- Jinsun Carbon


In traditional AC electric arc furnace steelmaking

The primary raw material is scrap steel, and the power source is a three-way alternating current.

This process mainly utilizes the arc generated between the graphite electrode and the metal material and then go through the powerful heat of the arc.

So this is the primary method of producing special and high-alloy steel.

Raw materials of electric arc furnace graphite electrodes.

The raw materials of artificial graphite electrodes are mainly petroleum coke and pitch coke. It is coked from petroleum coke and coal tar pitch, so as an ideal raw material with low ash and easy graphitization.

In the process of producing graphite electrodes. Firstly, we crush the raw material into suitable particle size; Secondly, then send it into the calciner for heat treatment at 1000-1300 degrees Celsius.

In doing so, we remove moisture and volatiles from the raw material, improving its performance. These properties include mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

Needle cokePetroleum cokeAsphalt coke


What is Graphitization Process?

The graphitization process is a vital part of the artificial graphite electrode. At normal pressure and temperatures above 2200 degrees Celsius, changes will occur. It aligns the carbon atoms of petroleum coke and pitch coke.

Slowly transform from a two-dimensional random layered structure to a three-dimensional ordered arrangement of graphite particles.

The quality of graphitization has a significant influence on product quality. The degree of crystallization is related to the conductivity of the electrode.

We use a large graphitization furnace to complete the graphitization process. This is a very power-intensive process and 4500-5000kWh per ton of electrode.


Graphitization Process - Graphite Electrode - China Manufacturers and Suppliers


Use of electric arc furnace graphite electrodes.

Graphite electrodes are conductive materials in electric arc furnace. It energizes to generate an arc and then smelts various alloy sheets of steel, non-ferrous metals, and rare metals in eaf steelmaking.

Furnace graphite electrode has low ash impurity content, good electrical conductivity, and good electrical resistance and does not melt or deform at high temperatures. It is a conductive material that adapts to the high temperature in the electric arc furnace.

Electric arc furnace steelmaking is to introduce current into the furnace through graphite electrode during the smelting process.

After the strong wind passes through the gas at the lower end of the electrodes, arc discharge will be generated, and the heat generated by the arc is used for smelting scrap steel.



Types of graphite electrodes.

There are three types of graphite electrodes, UHPHP and RP grades. DC electric furnaces, AC electric furnaces, ladle furnaces, and refining furnaces are inseparable from them.

Needle coke is a new type of petroleum coke. It is a raw material for the production of UHP-grade graphite.

In production, we choose different diameters according to the capacity of the electric furnace. This is the need for electric furnace steel production.

To make the electrodes use continuously, Graphite electrode manufacturers often use threaded nipples to connect two electrodes.


UHP graphite electrodes are used in EAF and LF,


About the quality assurance

At Jinsun, we prioritize providing our customers with the highest quality graphite electrodes. Because product performance and reliability are critical to your steelmaking business’s success, we implement strict quality assurance measures throughout manufacturing.

Raw material selection:

We carefully select the best raw materials for our products. Our electrodes are primarily made from high-quality petroleum coke, needle coke, and pitch to ensure optimum purity and consistency.

Manufacturing Process:

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities employ advanced technologies and processes to produce it.

We follow rigorous production guidelines, including precise calcination at extremely high temperatures, extrusion and forming of the green body, secondary baking, impregnation, graphitization, and precise machining. Each step is closely monitored to maintain superior quality and performance.

Quality Control:

We have a dedicated team of experienced quality control professionals who conduct rigorous inspections at every stage of the manufacturing process.

From raw material testing to final product evaluation, we adhere to strict international quality standards to ensure that each electrode meets the requirements.

Graphite electrode quality Graphite electrode nipple quality

Performance Testing:

Every graphite electrode is thoroughly tested for performance before leaving our factory. We conduct tests to evaluate key properties such as conductivity, resistivity, and dimensional accuracy. This ensures that our products consistently meet or exceed industry standards.

Certifications and Standards:

We adhere to internationally recognized certifications and standards to further verify the quality and reliability of our produts.

Our manufacturing process complies with ISO 9001:2015, ensuring our products meet strict quality requirements.


Electric arc furnace graphite electrodes are mainly used in the steelmaking process. It uses high-quality needle coke raw materials to produce conductive materials, which are divided into different grades and suitable for different electric furnace smelting requirements.

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