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Graphite Crucibles: Price and Use

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Graphite crucibles are important in various industrial sectors due to their high-temperature resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. These unique vessels have established their value from metallurgy to the jewelry industry.

What are graphite crucibles?

Graphite crucibles are used for melting metal, metallurgical casting, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, and changing the physical state of various materials. They are highly heat-resistant container with a graphite purity of up to 99%. The melting point of graphite crucible is 3000°C.

The superior properties of graphite – heat stability, resistance to chemical erosion, and thermal shock resistance – make it an ideal choice for making crucibles.

In addition, due to the easy processing of graphite, they can be customized into specific shapes and sizes to meet different production needs.



The use of graphite crucible

Graphite crucibles are mainly used in metallurgy and foundry industries.

Their high thermal conductivity and temperature resistance make them ideal for melting various metals, including gold, silver, copper, and alloys.

Additionally, the chemically inert nature of them allows them to handle chemically aggressive materials without compromising their structural integrity.

Our crucibles are used in scientific laboratories where high temperature reactions are required.

Because they provide a safe, controlled environment to work with different substances, ensuring accurate experimental results.

Furthermore, graphite crucibles are widely used in the jewelry industry to melt precious metals and reshape them into intricate designs.



Know the price of graphite crucible

The price of graphite crucible is affected by many factors. Key factors include raw material cost, production process complexity, and crucible size and quality.

At the same time, prices can vary widely depending on the purity of the graphite used and the manufacturing standards adhered to.



How to use a graphite crucible?

Although graphite crucibles are inherently durable, proper maintenance can significantly extend their life and optimize their performance.

Cleanliness is critical. Always handle crucibles with clean, dry hands;because this will avoid introducing impurities that could affect its interpretation.

Preheating the crucible before use helps to mitigate the effects of thermal shock. Once the crucible has served its purpose, it should be allowed to cool naturally.

Any residue left after surgery should be carefully cleaned to prevent scratching or damaging the surface.

It is also recommended to check the crucible regularly for signs of wear. Small cracks or chips can affect performance and, if left unaddressed, could lead to more significant problems.


In conclusion

Graphite crucibles, their durability, efficiency and wide range of applications often make them an indispensable part of industrial production.

Additionally, the price of graphite crucible is mainly determined by raw materials and processing models.

Correct use can further extend their lifespan, ensuring these high-performance tools deliver optimal results over a longer period of time.

As a graphite crucible supplier, we can produce according to your needs – contact us now.


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