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What is the chemical formula of graphite?

graphite chemical formula-Graphite manufacturer

Graphite and Its Chemical Formula Graphite, like diamond and carbon nanotubes, is an allotrope of carbon. The chemical formula of graphite is C. C is in group 14 of the periodic table. It comprises carbon atoms layered structure with a hexagonal planar network structure and is a non-metallic mineral. These layers can easily slide over […]

Carbon Anode Scrap Uses and Price

Carbon anode scrap uses and price

Carbon anode scrap is a valuable but often overlooked by-product of aluminum production. It refers to the residual part after the prebaked anode carbon block is used on the electrolytic cell. By recycling this scrap, companies can help reduce their environmental impact and take advantage of potential benefits. This article discusses the uses, pricing, and […]

What are the characteristics of the strength of carbon materials?

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Introduction Carbon material is a kind of material with superior properties, such as high strength and high hardness. Recent years have seen a rapid development of carbon materials, especially graphene. The strength of carbon materials is mainly due to their structural defects, the free chains in the graphite layer. The power of carbon materials is […]

Carbon materials: Properties, Application, Development

Carbon material: Classification, Application, Development

The carbon materials are ancient and also a new type of material. As early as prehistory, human activities had a relationship with carbon substances. From early, rough carbon materials to modern, high-quality industrial carbon materials, it has a history of more than 100 years in the world. The carbon material is a general term for […]