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Natural Flake Graphite vs Artificial Graphite Powder

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What is graphite? Graphite is an allotrope of carbon and an important inorganic non-metallic material. It is black-gray, has a metallic luster, is soft and has a greasy feel. It can be divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite.


Differences in production processes

Natural flake graphite is produced by chemical processing and heating and drying of natural rocks, while artificial graphite powder is a product of graphitization of petroleum coke.

Therefore, artificial graphite is purer, more uniform, and exhibits more stable properties than natural graphite.

Artificial Graphite Powder
Comparison of physical properties

The crystal structure of natural graphite is more irregular, appears to be loose and plastic, and is prone to wear or cracking.

While the crystal structure of artificial graphite is more complete and regular, and can exhibit better mechanical strength and rigidity.

In addition, since artificial graphite adopts a high temperature and high pressure preparation method. It is harder, more corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidant, and has better conductivity than natural graphite.

Natural Flake Graphite


Comparison of chemical properties

Due to its irregular crystal structure, natural graphite is prone to a large number of defects on the surface when it is chemically immersed or oxidatively corroded, and has a strong reaction to some corrosive agents.

However, artificial graphite has a more stable crystal structure, so its chemical properties are more stable than natural graphite.

Different uses

Due to the differences in physical and chemical properties between artificial graphite and natural graphite, the two also have different application fields.

Natural graphite is mainly used in pencil leads, batteries, graphene, etc.

While artificial graphite is widely used in anode materials, metal coatings, thermal conductive materials, etc.

In summary

Although the raw materials of artificial graphite and natural graphite are similar, they are different in production processes, physical properties, chemical properties and uses.

The selection of suitable graphite materials requires comprehensive consideration based on the specific material properties and application scenarios.