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The Top 10 Graphite Electrode Manufacturers in World

Graphite electrode

Graphite electrode manufacturers have an essential role in modern industry, providing a reliable source of electricity for various applications. As such, the top manufacturers must ensure you get the best quality product. This blog post will discuss the world’s top 10 graphite electrode manufacturers’ strengths and capabilities. We will also provide an overview of the latest developments in graphite electrode technology, giving you a better understanding of the industry.

Graphite electrode manufacturer in RUSSIA

1) GrafTech International

GrafTech International produces high-quality carbon and graphite products for steel, non-ferrous, aluminum, and other industries. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, GrafTech has been in business since the late 1800s. The company has a strong presence across five continents, with manufacturing plants in Europe, North America, Asia, and South America. In addition to manufacturing graphite electrodes, GrafTech provides engineering and technology services such as thermal management systems, battery anodes and separators, and advanced composites. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, GrafTech is one of the world’s most trusted and respected graphite electrode manufacturers.

2) SGL Carbon

SGL Carbon is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany. The company has production sites worldwide, including the US, China, and Russia. SGL Carbon specializes in producing graphite electrodes for the steel industry and other related sectors. They offer high-quality graphite electrodes with superior electrical and mechanical properties, oxidation resistance, and good thermal shock resistance. As one of the leading graphite electrode manufacturers, SGL Carbon also offers advanced engineering solutions and products for applications requiring specific designs. SGL Carbon’s product portfolio includes electrodes for electric arc furnaces (EAFs), ladle furnaces (LFs), and submerged arc furnaces (SAFs). They are committed to providing excellent service and products for their customers worldwide.

3) Showa Denko

Showa Denko, founded in 1917, the Japanese company has a long and storied history of producing high-quality graphite electrodes. Showa Denko is renowned for its manufacturing capabilities, which allow it to make graphite electrodes for various applications. The company’s focus on innovation and development will provide customers with customized solutions and technical support. Their services include customer engineering services, product research, production process optimization, quality assurance, and project management. With their extensive knowledge and experience, Showa Denko continues to be one of the leading providers of graphite electrodes worldwide.

4) Fangda Carbon

Fangda was founded in 1994, the company has become a leader in the industry for its innovative graphite electrode solutions. Its portfolio includes products designed for steel production and industrial manufacturing processes. Fangda provides advancements in graphite electrode technology, from large-scale electrodes to customized and tailored solutions. The company has established itself as a reliable partner in the steel and metal industries, with its products meeting strict international quality standards. They also offer excellent technical support and after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction.

5) Graphite India

Graphite India with over 40 years of experience. The company has three manufacturing facilities in India and is one of the country’s largest suppliers of graphite electrodes. Graphite India’s product portfolio includes graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces, ladle, submerged arc, and induction furnaces. In addition, the company offers a full range of graphite electrodes and accessories, such as graphite blocks, crucibles, liners, and electrode caps. The company is ISO 9001 certified and follows strict quality control processes to ensure customer satisfaction. With their innovative production processes and reliable products, Graphite India is one of the top graphite electrode manufacturers in the world.

6) Tokai Carbon

Tokai Carbon is a Japanese specializing in carbon and graphite products and their related applications. Founded in 1924, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest producers of graphite electrodes, with over 5,000 employees worldwide. They are best known for producing high-quality graphite electrodes and UHP (ultra-high power) grades, which are used for steelmaking, aluminum smelting, and other processes. Tokai Carbon has various other carbon-based products, such as prebaked anodes, carbon materials for fuel cells, and more. With production facilities in Japan, the United States, China, and India, Tokai Carbon serves customers worldwide.

7) Jilin Carbon

Located in China, specifically established in 2002, Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd specializes in the production of top-notch graphite electrodes, carbon fibers, electrode pastes, and various other products. Renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, their offerings have positioned them as one of the leading graphite electrode manufacturers in China. Jilin Carbon’s competitive edge stems from their integration of cutting-edge production technology with continuous innovation in product development. The company boasts an independent technology center and a state-recognized professional laboratory, further enhancing their expertise and capabilities.

8) Dan Carbon

Dan Carbon is also based in China. The company produces high-quality, cost-effective graphite electrodes for various applications and industries, including electric arc furnace steel production, aluminum melting, and more. The company provides a wide variety of products, including UHP, RP and RP grades. Dan Carbon also offers value-added services such as design and development, machining, and customized sizes to meet the needs of its customers. Dan Carbon’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have advanced technology and strict quality control processes to ensure reliable performance and product consistency.

9) HEG

HEG (Hindalco Industries Limited) is India’s leading graphite electrode manufacturer. Founded in 1958, HEG is a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai. They produce a wide range of graphite electrodes and related products used in electric arc and ladle furnaces for steel production. They have multiple production plants across India, equipped with modern technology and skilled human resources. With more than 60 years of experience, they continuously strive to provide the best quality products to their customers.

10) Nippon Carbon

Nippon Carbon with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1918, the company has established a strong presence in producing carbon and graphite products. Nippon Carbon delivers various graphite electrodes for applications ranging from electric arc furnaces to induction melting. The company also has a range of other graphite-based materials, including carbon fiber and silicon carbide. In addition, Nippon Carbon specializes in research and development activities to create new products and technologies that can provide more efficient energy consumption.


There are many graphite electrode manufacturers worldwide. Graphite electrode is a carbon-based product mainly used in eaf steelmaking, including refining steel in ladle furnaces and metal production. The graphite electrode market has recently been relatively stable, and the price has not significantly fluctuate.