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What is molded graphite?

Carbon Graphite Products

Molded graphite is to put the blank in the shape of powder, granular, granular, flake, etc. in the cavity of the heated mold, then close the mold and press it up and down to compact it, and then demold it to get the product.

Molded graphite is particularly good in density, electrical conductivity, mechanical strength, friction resistance, etc. We can also improve these properties by impregnating it with resin or metal.

molded graphite

Molding process

Generally divided into cold molding and hot molding.

For example, the production of pre-baked anodes block is mainly hot molding. The mixed paste is cooled and added to the molding mold, and bidirectional pressure is applied.

Cold molding is used to produce electric carbon products or cold-pressed graphite. Multiple pressurization can increase the density of the product.


Molded graphite products have good conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high purity, self-lubrication, thermal shock resistance, isotropy and easy precision processing.


Molded graphite is widely used in aerospace, solar photovoltaic and semiconductor, continuous casting, cemented carbide and electronic mold sintering, electric spark, glass, medicine and other industries.


Molding method is used to press products with similar length, width and height. Products with uniform density and dense structure are required, such as carbon brushes for electrodes, graphite parts for vacuum devices, sealing materials, etc.