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Graphite Electrode UHP 600

graphite electrode uhp 600

Graphite Electrode UHP 600

UHP graphite electrodes are mainly made of needle coke and pitch coke, which are high-temperature resistant conductor materials. It is mainly used in electric arc furnace steelmaking. High-quality graphite electrodes can reduce ton consumption and improve production efficiency. Normally, the consumption per ton of steel for our UHP 600 graphite electrode is 0.9kg.

Graphite Electrode UHP 600 is often used in AC electric arc furnace.

Main features:

  • Higher bulk density
  • Very low resistivity
  • Allow large current load
  • High flexural strength
  • Small thermal expansion coefficient

The following are the applications of electric arc furnaces and graphite electrode uhp 600

Base Furnace Information Application (AC / DC) AC
Furnace ID Quantum Electric Arc Furnace
Furnace Capacity in MT 150
Annual Production MT 0.84 million MT
Graphite Electrode Data Electrode Diameter (mm) 610
Min Dia. (mm) 607
Max Dia. (mm) 613
Electrode Length (mm) 2400
Min Length (mm) 2300
Max Length (mm) 2500
Grade UHP
Nipple Size Dia X length (mm) 317.50 X 457.20
About weight/kg 38.7
Nipple Type (IEC) UHP
Pitch Plug (Yes/No) yes
Dust Groove (Yes/No) yes
Electrode Consumption Nett kg/MT 1kg/MT steel production
Electrode Consumption Gross kg/MT 0.9
Avg. % Breaks/Month 0
Oxidized Length (M) N/A
Tip Diameter (mm) 500

Manufacturing using high-quality needle coke

Using high-quality needle coke and modified pitch binder to develop high-quality UHP graphite electrodes makes high-energy load resistance and high-current operation possible.

With the development of the industrial economy, many countries have reformed. They are actively stipulating the self-sufficiency system of steel production.They have introduced electric arc furnace steelmaking one after another.

Quality requirements:

1. In terms of appearance and surface parameters, the électrodes en graphite must meet the following requirements:

on-perpendicularity of the generatrix of the electrode surface to the end should not be more than 0.20 mm.
-the flatness of the end surfaces of the electrode should not be more than 0.15 mm.
– ovality and conicity of the generatrix of the electrode surface should not exceed half the tolerance on the diameter of the electrode. The depressions should not exceed the maximum deviations in the diameter of the electrode.
– on the surface of the electrodes are not allowed:
1) chipped edges of each end with a depth of more than 8 mm, a total length of more than 40 mm;
2) chips and shells on the surface with a depth of more than 8 mm, a length of 20 mm;
3) more than two longitudinal cracks at a distance of at least 200 mm from the bottom of the nipple socket to the middle of the electrode with a length of more than 5% of the perimeter of the electrode section;
4) transverse cracks.
2. In terms of appearance and surface parameters, nipples and nipple sockets must comply with the following requirements.
– misalignment of the nipple socket relative to the generatrix should not be more than 1 mm.
– the ovality of the nipple seat along the inner diameter in the area up to 60 ° should not be more than 0.6 mm.
– recesses from centering on the ends of the nipples should not be more than 15 mm.
– on the surface of nipples and nipple sockets it is not allowed:
1) more than two chips of threads with a length of more than 15 mm;

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