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Graphite Furnace Lining

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Graphite Furnace Lining

Graphite furnace lining is used in metallurgical furnaces and resistance furnaces such as silicon carbide furnace and graphitization furnace. We design the size of the graphite lining according to the size of the furnace. We supply premium impregnated grade graphite material and special large sizes. Currently, many masonry linings are built for large-scale blast furnaces from the furnace bottom and hearth to the bosh. To improve the lining Density, often impregnated with pitch followed by secondary firing at 1200 ℃.

What are the types of furnace linings?

Carbon refractories for furnace lining are fired or graphitized refractory bricks or blocks. One is formed by coke and anthracite as the primary raw materials, roasted and processed, and the other is formed by forming, roasted, and graphitized by pitch coke and petroleum coke as the primary raw materials.

The properties of carbon bricks are fan-shaped, wedge-shaped, square, and so on. The shapes of graphite furnace linings are all customized.

Carbon blocks can be used as refractory materials for various furnaces; Graphite furnace lining is only used under special conditions such as ultra-high temperatures and pollution avoidance.

Quality characteristics of carbon block for blast furnace

Resistance to molten iron; alkali resistance; good mechanical properties; heat resistance; resistance to penetration by molten water.

graphtie furnace lining


Physical and chemical properties of graphite furnace lining

Graphite lining is generally used as a blast furnace bottom refractory material. Before graphitization treatment, manufacturers generally use coal tar pipitchesor impregnation treatment. This can not only increase the density of the product but also reduce the resistivity, thereby prolonging the service life.

ITME Specific resistance



Compressive strength



220mm*220mm ≤12 ≥20
400mm*400mm ≤13 ≥18




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