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Graphite naturel en paillettes

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Graphite naturel en paillettes

Flake graphite is a natural crystalline graphite in the shape of fish phosphorus. It belongs to the hexagonal crystal system and has a layered structure. Natural flake graphite is formed from carbon materials under high temperatures and high pressure and exists in the form of flakes or plates. It has excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, radiation resistance, electrical conductivity, and self-lubrication. There are many sizes that can be ground and processed. Such as -100 mesh, +100 mesh, and +50 mesh.  

It is a form of naturally occurring crystalline carbon renowned for its distinctive flaky morphology and remarkable properties. Sourced directly from select graphite mine and subjected to rigorous purification and processing for particle size, this graphite variant stands out for its electrical and thermal conductivity, high-temperature resistance, and chemical inertness.

Natural Flake Graphite Unique Properties

It is classified by carbon content; for example, 99.9% C% is high-purity graphite; 94% C% < 99% is high-carbon graphite; 80% C% < 94% is medium-carbon graphite; 50% C% < 80% is low-carbon graphite.

The conductivity of flake graphite has long been used in industry, and carbon anode materials play an oxidative role in batteries in the cathode material industry. Lubricating performance is also better; the more significant the scale, the smaller the coefficient of friction. Flake graphite is a super material in the chemical industry. 

In manufacturing, it is used to lubricate various arts, including gears, bearings, slides other moving parts. Then reduce friction and increase the efficiency of the machine. It also acts as a lubricant for steam engines and internal combustion engines.

Another use is manufacturing metal smelting crucibles and various refractory products for metallurgical furnaces. It is the main raw material for making brushes and mechanical carbon, and can also be used to produce graphite electrodes.


Energy Storage Systems                                                                                                              

With the rising demand for efficient energy storage solutions, it finds significant use as an anode

material in lithium-ion batteries. Its layered structure allows for the effective intercalation of lithium ions,

making it ideal for high-performance batteries.


In the field of metallurgy, it serves as a valuable additive in foundries and refractories. For example, graphite flakes in cast iron.

Its heat-resistant and lubricating properties significantly enhance the efficiency and output of various metallurgical processes.


Given its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, it is well-suited for applications in the electronics industry.

It is an effective heat-dissipation material in high-power electronic devices, contributing to their performance and longevity.


New energy industry


What are its advantages?

  • Electrical conductivity, and its specific resistance is 11.8-15.7μΩ·m.
  • Good chemical stability, can resist the erosion of most chemical substances, and is resistant to acid and alkali.
  • Good oxidation resistance and high ignition point.




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