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Карбоновый блок анода

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Карбоновый блок анода

The anode carbon block is generally a cuboid, and there are 2-4 circular grooves with a diameter of 160-180mm and a depth of 80-110mm on the surface of the conductive direction, commonly known as carbon bowls. The pre-baked anode carbon block is made of petroleum coke as the aggregate and coal tar pitch as the binder and is prepared by vibration molding and roasting heat treatment. It is used for aluminum electrolysis as an anode material.

What is anode carbon block used for ?

Anode carbon block is used in industrial aluminum electrolysis cells. It has two roles in it. One is as a conductive material; the other is to

participate in the electrochemical reaction of the anode.

During electrolysis, a direct current is passed through the electrolytic cell. Then the blcok converts electrical energy into chemical energy.

Because the electrochemical reaction is continuously consumed, the factory must replace it regularly to ensure regular production operation.

The general replacement cycle is 20-34 days. The current density of the anode carbon block on the electrolytic cell is generally 0.70-0.90A/cm3.

What is it made of?

It is made of petroleum coke and coal tar pitch by roasting and heat treatment and has a stable geometric shape. Its main component is carbon.

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Anode carbon block is mainly used in the production process of electrolytic aluminum. It is used as an anode and is continuously consumed, while liquid aluminum is generated at the cathode.


What is carbon anode? Anode carbon block for aluminium production


Основные характеристики

Превосходная электропроводность

Engineered for optimal performance, they have high electrical conductivity. This feature enables efficient electron transfer, an essential trait for

driving various electrochemical processes.

Отличная теплопроводность и стойкость

It is crafted to withstand extreme temperatures without compromising performance, thanks to its exceptional thermal conductivity and сопротивление.

With this, the block can manage generated heat efficiently, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Высокая химическая стабильность

With a chemically stable nature, it doesn’t readily react with other chemicals. This property ensures that the block remains inert during

electrochemical reactions, preventing unwanted side reactions and yielding accurate, reliable results.



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