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Graphit-Elektrode Manufacturer in China

We rely on the modern technology and production process to provide the Best Graphite Electrodes at competitive prices as expected by our clients. 

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We Supply High-Quality Graphite Electrodes

Seit 15 Jahren liefern wir Graphitelektroden für die Stahlindustrie und die Hüttenindustrie.
JINSUN is a manufacturer in China that develops graphite electrode and carbon products for eaf steelmaking and smelting casting industry with dedication. Our products include UHP, HP and RP Graphitelektrodedie hauptsächlich verwendet werden in electric arc furnace, refining furnace and submerged arc furnace. Cathode blocks in the aluminum electrolysis industry, carbon electrodes, and carbon pastes in small electric arc furnaces and ferroalloy furnaces.

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Graphite Electrode Manufacturer in China
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Reliable Graphite Electrode Manufacturer in China

JINSUN produces using the latest Technologie  and processes for production offer  Graphitelektrode and carbon products. Our products are manufactured from premium raw materials, needle coke and petroleum coke. As a good conductor of high temperatures, it provides the highest performance and reliability for your electric arc furnace, refining furnace and submersible furnace applications. Different industries such as the steel and iron industry, metallurgical foundry and chemical industry can benefit from our products. Providing high quality is our Eternal purpose.


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