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Carbon Products

Powerful Solutions for Industries: Carbon and Graphite Products at Your Service

Our product collection offers a comprehensive range of carbon and graphite materials that cater to various industries and applications.

For electric arc furnaces and high-temperature processes, we provide UHP, HP, and RP graphite electrodes that excel in conductivity, mechanical strength, and thermal resistance. These electrodes are crucial in eaf manufacturing steel, non-ferrous metal, and other industrial processes.

Our graphite blocks, plates, rods, crucibles, and tubes are versatile solutions for industries requiring exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity and chemical inertness. These graphite products find applications in metallurgy, chemicals, electronics, and more.

Carbon brushes are essential in electric motors and generators, ensuring efficient electrical current transfer between stationary and rotating parts. With their low electrical resistance and excellent conductivity, our carbon brushes offer reliable performance and durability.

In electrochemical applications and electrolysis processes, our carbon electrodes and cathode blocks provide high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. They are integral to electrochemistry, metal extraction, and energy storage.

Our carbon paste electrodes are ideal for electrochemical analysis and sensing applications, offering easy deposition and reliable electrical contact.

To meet the needs of furnace lining applications, we offer furnace linings made from high-quality graphite materials. These linings exhibit exceptional thermal stability, high-temperature resistance, and resistance to chemical reactions.

In addition to our carbon and graphite products, we also supply petroleum coke variants. Calcined petroleum coke, obtained through a high-temperature process, is used as a carbon additive in steel and aluminum production. Green petroleum coke, the raw material for calcined petroleum coke, is sourced directly from petroleum refineries. Lastly, our natural flake graphite, known for its high purity and lubricating properties, finds applications in lubricants, batteries, fuel cells, and more.

With our diverse range of carbon and graphite products, we are committed to meeting the demands of various industries, providing high-quality solutions that contribute to efficiency, performance, and sustainability.