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Where is Graphite Found?

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Graphite, a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon, has become a resource of global interest due to its diverse applications. But where on Earth is this versatile material found? This blog offers a simple, engaging exploration of the geographical distribution of graphite reserves.

Unearthing Graphite: A Global Overview

Graphite isn’t as rare as one might think. In fact, it’s found in various forms on every continent on Earth. However, the quality, quantity, and accessibility of it vary greatly from one location to another.

Where is Graphite Found?-Jinsun Carbon


China is the world’s leading natural graphite producer, responsible for approximately 70% of the global supply. The northeastern Heilongjiang province, in particular, has significant flake graphite deposits, a high-quality type of natural graphite.

The Graphite Goldmine of Sri Lanka

Though it may not produce the largest quantity, Sri Lanka is famous for the superior quality of its graphite. The country is home to some of the purest forms of graphite in the world, known as “vein” or “lump” graphite, which is rare and highly sought after.

India: A Noteworthy Player

India, another significant producer, has vast graphite reserves, primarily found in Eastern India, specifically in Jharkhand, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu. The country’s production leans toward amorphous graphite, a lower-quality variant than flake or vein graphite.


Australia has emerged as a substantial graphite player, with reserves primarily located in South Australia and Western Australia. The country is also home to several graphite mining companies exploring new ways to extract and process the mineral.

The North American Reserves

In North America, both Canada and the USA have notable graphite deposits. In Canada, Quebec is known for its large flake graphite reserves, while in the USA, Alaska, and Alabama are rich in deposits.

Africa: An Emerging Force

Africa is a rising star in the graphite world. Mozambique, Madagascar, and Tanzania are gaining recognition for their large-scale, high-quality graphite deposits. In particular, Mozambique’s Balama mine is one of the world’s largest graphite reserves.

Europe’s Norway

Norway also contributes to the global graphite supply, with the Skaland mine in northern Norway being Europe’s largest operating graphite mine.


In conclusion, the story of graphite is a tale that stretches across continents. From the expansive mines of China to the high-quality reserves in Sri Lanka, from the developing industries in Africa to traditional powerhouses in North America, graphite has left its mark across the globe.

The future of graphite production will undoubtedly be shaped by advances in mining technology, changes in global demand, and environmental impact considerations. However, what remains certain is the worldwide presence of this versatile mineral. As we continue to explore the far reaches of our planet, who knows what untapped graphite reserves we might discover next?